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The Republic of South Sudan, also known as South Sudan, is an East African Country. It is bordered by six nations: Ethiopia, Sudan, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Uganda and Kenya. Its population is 12,778,250 according to a 2019 estimate. The capital, Juba, is the largest city.

The Angakuei community belong to the people (Angakueth- adjective), who are members of the clan from Baidit Payam, Jonglei State, South Sudan. The word Angakuei originates from the word Kuei, which means eagle according to some accounts. Hon. Abel Alier Kuai, an Angakuei son, was the first South Sudanese to become the first vice President of Sudan and the first president of the High Executive Council, HEC, of Southern Sudan. The origin of the name “Alier” according to the people of Angakuei is thought to be related to “Lir-pio,” a traditional Spirit (related to “Alir-piou,” which means the peacefully heart). It is officially written as “Alier.”

Former Sudan 1st VP/President of HEC, Hon. Abel Alier Kwai (born June 23, 1933), is a former South Sudanese politician and a judge. During the periods of 1971 – 1982 and 1972 – 1978, He served as Vice President of Sudan and President of the High Executive Council of the Southern Sudan, the then autonomous region, respectively. Hon. Abel Alier has many achievements. He completed his college education in a time, when the vast majority of his peers lacked basic education. He is an internationally respected judge, human-rights lawyer and an activist on behalf of his people in Sudan. He also sits on the Permanent Court of International Arbitration in The Hague and is recognized as Sudan's most prominent lawyer. His latest book is “Southern Sudan: Too Many Agreements Dishonored" (Courtesy of Wikipediae).

In 1956, Following Sudan independence from the United Kingdom, Southern Sudanese were promised an autonomous region by the central government in Khartoum. That arrangement led to costly wars in terms of humans and wealth, a year prior to the independence. The first war was led by a group called Anyanya 1 Under various leaders including Hon. Joseph Lagu.

South Sudan is a rich nation with regards to natural resources including a diverse wildlife. Resources also included a rich culture, peace loving people as well as a beautiful landscapes full of life sustaining eco systems. However, much of this national wealth has declined following decades of civil war in addition to environmental disasters brought about by climate change. The community is resolved to restore the greatness that has been lost and secure a prosperous future for our children. With your generosity and assistance we will make this dream a reality.

We belong to one community, and we can make a better future for our beloved members ...